Teacher Resources in Moodle

Moodle offers several features that are of special interest to teachers. These focus on determining how well your students are progressing through a course. Reports and logs show you who has done what on your site, or in your course.

Logs and Reports

Moodle keeps detailed logs of all the activities that users perform on your site. You can use these logs to determine who has been active on your site, what they did, and when they did it.

Some reports are available at the course level. Other reports are available at the site level.

You can use course reports page to display:

  • Logs
  • Live logs
  • Activity report
  • Course participation
  • Activity completion
  • Statistics

Moodle's display of the log files can be filtered by course, participant, day, activity, and action. Activity report offers a user-friendly view of an activity in a single course. The participation report is especially useful for discovering which students need to complete an activity, and sending them a reminder to complete it.

If the course has activity tracking enabled, you can view a report showing the completion status of the activities in the course.


To access grades, select the course the grades of which you want to see, and then select Grade administration and Grader Report. This displays a summary of the grades for that course.