Adding Feedback to Moodle Course

The feedback activity enables you to create surveys for your students. Do not confuse this with the survey activity. In survey, you must choose from several pre-made surveys; you cannot build your own surveys. In the feedback activity, you can build your own poll, using several kinds of questions.

For example, you can use feedback to:

  • Conduct survey of your students
  • Conduct a survey of the employees in your work place
  • Collect data from people who have agreed to be research subjects
  • Conduct public opinion surveys of the visitors to your site

The feedback activity enables you to create different kinds of questions: multiple choice, drop down, short answer, and more. You can share the results of a feedback with the students or keep it confidential.

Settings For Feedback

The option to Record User Names affects only what the teacher sees. Students do not see each others' responses. If Record User Names is set to Users' Names Will Be Logged and Shown With Answers, then the teacher will be able to see a list of users who completed the feedback and their answers.

The setting for Allow multiple submissions affects the activity, only if you have allowed anonymous responses. If so, then any user can submit the feedback survey as many times as they want.

If Enable notification of submissions is set to Yes, then course administrators are emailed whenever someone submits this feedback. This includes teachers and course managers.

If Show analysis page after submit is set to Yes, a summary of the results so far is shown to the user after they submit their feedback.

If you enter a Link to next activity, that page is displayed immediately after the user submits answers. If you leave this blank, Moodle displays a simple message telling the user that answers have been saved.