Adding Choices to Moodle Course

A choice is the simplest type of activity. In a choice activity, you create one question and specify a choice of responses.

You can use a choice to:

  • Take a quick poll
  • Ask students to choose sides in a debate
  • Confirm the students' understanding of an agreement
  • Gather consent
  • Allow students to choose a subject for an essay or project

Settings For Choice


The Limit next to each choice enables you to limit how many students can select that choice. For limits to take effect, Limit the number of responses allowed must be set to Enable.

Display mode

You can also arrange the choices either horizontally or vertically.

Publish results

You can choose whether to reveal the results of the choice to the students, and if so, when.

Privacy of results

If you publish the results of the choice, you can then choose whether to publish the names of the students who have selected each response.

Allowing students to change their minds

The setting Allow choice to be updated determines if a student can change answer after submitting it.