QnA Structured Data

Q&A Pages are web pages that contain data in a question and answer format - one question followed by its answers. Users must be able to submit answers to the question. Don't use QAPage markup for content that has only one answer for a given question with no way for users to add alternative answers; instead, use FAQPage.

For example, you can use this structured data on a forum page where users can submit answers to a single question or a product support page where users can submit answers to a single question.


The Question type defines the question that the page answers, and includes the answers, if any, to that question. There should only be one Question type definition per page.

Required Properties

  • answerCount (Integer): The total number of answers to the question. For example, if there are 12 answers, but only the first 10 are marked up due to pagination, this value would be 12. This may also be 0 for questions with no answers.

  • Either acceptedAnswer or suggestedAnswer (Answer): To be eligible for the rich result, a question must have at least one answer - either an acceptedAnswer or a suggestedAnswer. However, questions may not have answers when they are first posted. For questions without answers, set the answerCount property to 0. Questions without answers aren't eligible for the rich result.

  • name (Text): The full text of the short form of the question.


The Answer type defines the suggested and accepted answers to the Question on the page.

Required Properties

  • text (Text): The full text of the answer.
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