Moodle Course Material: Resources and Activities

On Moodle, the course material is either a resource or an activity. A resource is an item that the student views, listens to, reads, or downloads. Examples include a web page, a link to another location on the Web, a file that the student downloads and a video that the student watches.

An activity is an item that the student interacts with, or one that enables the student to interact with the teacher or other students. Examples include a quiz, an assignment that the student uploads for the teacher to review, a wiki and a forum.

Usually, resources are ungraded while activities are graded.

How To Add Resource or Activity

Before you begin adding a resource or an activity, make sure that you click Turn editing on.

To add a resource or activity, follow the steps:

1. In the topic or week where you want to add the resource, click Add an activity or resource.

2. The Add an activity or resource dialog box will be displayed. Click the radio button next to the kind of resource or activity that you want to add.

3. Click the Add button.

4. An editing page is displayed. Some of the settings on this page are unique for that type of resource or activity. Some of them are common to all the resources and activities.

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