Adding URLs To Moodle Course Page

On Moodle site, you add the link to your course's home page. When the student clicks the link, the linked item is displayed.

You can choose how the page is displayed. There are three options:

  1. Embed
  2. Open
  3. In pop-up

You can Embed the linked page into a Moodle page. Your students will see the Navigation bar, any blocks that you have added to the course and navigation links across the top of the page, just like when they view any other page in Moodle. The center of the page will be occupied by the linked page.

Open will take the student off of your site, and open the linked page in the window that was occupied by Moodle.

In pop-up will launch a new window on top of the Moodle page, containing the linked page.

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