Configuring Moodle Front Page

Your site's front page welcomes the world to your learning site. Moodle treats your front page as a special course. This means that you can do everything on the front page that you can do in a normal course, plus make a few additional settings.

Front Page Settings

The settings for the front page of your site are found under

Site Administration → Front Page → Front Page Settings

Full site name

The Full site name appears at the top of the front page, in the browser's title bar, and also on the page tab when browsing with tabs. The Full site name also appears in the metadata for the front page.

Front page summary

This summary appears in the left or right column of your site's front page. If you require visitors to register and log in before seeing the front page, visitors will see this description after they have logged in.

If your front page is visible to all visitors, then you can use this summary to sell your site, tempt visitors to take a sample course, tell them what's inside, and so on.

Front page items

Two settings determine whether the center column of the front page shows news items, a list of courses, or a list of course categories. These settings are Front Page and Front page items when logged in.

Topic Section on Front Page

The front page description always appears in the left or right column of the front page. It does not appear in the center column. If you want your site description at the top and center, you'll need to include a topic section, which always appears in the center of your front page.

Show News Items

This setting is useful if the content of your site changes frequently, and you want to keep the visitors informed. If one of the primary purposes of your front page is serving repeat customers, showing news items on the front page is a good idea.