Remove Moodle Logo & Link in Footer

When you install Moodle (Moodle is the most popular Learning Management System), you see a logo with link to moodle website. This guide will help you to replace the logo with your branding. I have checked with the latest 2.9 version.


You have to make two changes:

  1. Replace the default moodle logo file with your brand logo file.
  2. Change the link from moodle website to your website.

Replacing the image file

You need a 100x30 px logo image file of your brand with name moodlelogo.gif

Upload and replace this file in pix directory of your moodle installation. This will rewrite the original moodlelogo.gif with your own logo image. 

Editing the link

Open the file located in lib/outputrenderers.php of your moodle installation.

Modify the following lines of code. (Use ctrl+f)

'<a title="Moodle" href="">'

Change the title and URL to your site title and URL.

Purge Cache in Moodle Admin

To see the changes you heve just made, you may have to purge all caches in Moodle. Login to your moodle with admin account and go to

Site Administration -> Development -> Purge all caches