Sell Domain Names Using Clientexec

Main feature of Clientexec is the ability to sell, transfer, and allowing the client to point their nameservers to your company's server. First, you need configure the domain registrar plugins under Settings -> Plugin -> Registrars. You will see many types of registrars you can choose from.

Most registrar configurations are the similar. They usually ask for your username and password.

Now you are ready to begin creating the domain products. Navigate to Settings -> Products -> Products. You should see Domain Names (Domain) in the list of product groups. Click the black arrow facing down to activate a window of options. Click Add New Product.


Enter the basic information for the extension, such as what type, preference settings, will it automatically activate, and will it be available for purchase in the members area? Click Save Changes. The, three more tabs should appear for more options.


You can insert the Late Fee for when clients do not pay their domain invoice on time. Once you have inserted the value, it will auto-save. You can also enable Tax domain orders which will post a tax to all of the domain orders you receive.

In order to allow your TLD to be registered, you have to set up billing periods and pricing. Here, you have basic options, such as the billing period, price, transfer and renewal costs.


You can configure product addons by navigating to Settings -> Products -> Addons. Addons allow you to provide an additional service beyond the base package (a domain in this case).

Advanced & Plugin Settings

The final configuration is the Advanced & Plugin Setttings tab.

Registar Plugin - This is where you select what Registrar the domain will use. If you want to use automatic domain registration, you must utilize a registrar.

Automatically initiate transfer request - This will allow for the domain to transfer without their being manual intervention. You must allow Transfer domain orders, and your selected plugin must support domain transfer.

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