Clientexec Tutorial

The Clientexec helps to manage hosting business.

In order to find your Support Settings, navigate to Settings -> Support.

To modify the Order Pages (previously known as Signup Settings), navigate to Settings > Products > Order Pages.

You can sell more than just a hosting account, you may choose to sell domains with your hosting plans.

Main feature of Clientexec is the ability to sell, transfer, and allowing the client to point their nameservers to your company's server. First, you need configure the domain registrar plugins under Settings -> Plugin -> Registrars. You will see many types of registrars you can choose from.

The Clientexec comes equipped with a Security Section to protect your clients, your installation, and you. In order to configure these settings, navigate to Settings -> Security.

In order to configure your Company Settings, navigate to Settings -> Company.

The first step is to download and upload the ClientExec installation. To download the latest version, visit and click "Download the latest release". It will download the zip file of about 35 MB size.