How to Split String in PHP using Delimiter - explode() Function

The explode() function in PHP is used to split a string into multiple strings based on the specified delimiter. This function returns an array of strings.



The syntax of the explode function is:

explode(string $separator, string $string, int $limit = PHP_INT_MAX)


The $separator or delimiter is the string (can be one or more characters) used to split the $string.

The $limit is an optional parameter:

  • If limit is set and positive, the returned array will contain a maximum of limit elements with the last element containing the rest of string.
  • If the limit parameter is negative, all components except the last -limit are returned.
  • If the limit parameter is zero, then this is treated as 1.

Example 1

print_r(explode(',', 'one,two,three'));


Array ( [0] => one [1] => two [2] => three )

Example 2

$var = 'Learn PHP'; 
print_r(explode(' ', $var));


Array ( [0] => Learn [1] => PHP )

Example 3

print_r(explode (',' ,'one,two,three', 2));


Array ( [0] => one [1] => two,three )