How To Find Part of String - substr() Function

PHP String Functions

The substr() function returns a part of a string.


substr(string, start, length)


  • string (Required) - Specifies the string to return a part of
  • start (Required) - Specifies where to start in the string. A positive number starts at a specified position in the string. A negative number starts at a specified position from the end of the string. 0 means to start at the first character in string
  • length (Optional) - Specifies the length of the returned string. Default is to the end of the string.


$rest = substr("abcdef", 0, -1); // returns "abcde"
$rest = substr("abcdef", 2, -1); // returns "cde"
$rest = substr("abcdef", 4, -4); // returns false
$rest = substr("abcdef", -3, -1); // returns "de"

In PHP version, 7.0, if string is equal to start characters long, an empty string will be returned. Prior to this version, FALSE was returned in this case.

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