Adding Wiki to Moodle Course

The Moodle wiki module enables students to collaborate on a group writing project, build a knowledge base, and discuss class topics. As wiki is easy to use, interactive, and organized by date, it encourages collaboration among its participants. This makes it a powerful tool to create group knowledge.

The key difference between a forum and wiki is that when users enter a forum, they see a thread devoted to a topic. Each entry is short. Users read through the thread, one entry at a time. The result is that the discussion becomes prominent. In wiki, users see the end result of the writing. To see the history of the writing, they must select a History tab. The result is that the end result of the writing becomes prominent.

The old wiki content is never deleted and can be restored. Wikis can also be searched just like other course material.

Wiki Settings

A wiki content is open to editing by the entire class, a group, the teacher, or a single student. It can also be open to viewing by the entire class, a group, the teacher, or a single student.

The settings for who can edit the wiki content is done using the Wiki mode drop-down box. The setting for who can see the wiki content is done using the Groups mode.

The Default format setting determines whether wiki authors use standard the wiki markup or HTML code while editing. If you do not select the Force format, when student enters the wiki, he or she will be able to select the format to use for editing purposes.