In a normal class, all the properties and methods are linked to a specific instance. So two different instances could have two different values for the same property. PHP allows you to have properties and methods linked to the class itself rather than to the object. These properties and methods are defined with the keyword static.

Static methods in a class can be called without an instance of the object created. Pseudo variable $this is not available inside the method declared as static.

class myClass {
public static function hello() {
return 'hello';

To call a static function or method, you can simply type the class name, scope resolution operator (double colons), and the method name.

echo myClass::hello();  // returns 'hello'

If you use regular or normal method statically, then you will get E_STRICT warning.

Like static methods, static properties of class are directly accessible from class with the help of scope resolution operator. You can not access regular property by static way. It will generate fatal error.