Things to Do After Installing Wordpress

There are crucial administrative tasks that can make a big difference to your website.

1. Remove “Hello World” Post

Make sure you remove the default “Hello World” post from your website. You can do this by either editing the existing post to give it a different title, permalink and text or deleting the entire post.

2. Delete "Sample" Page

WordPress comes with a default "Sample Page". You can either delete it or edit it and create some other page like “About”. Make sure you change the permalink.

3. Remove "Meta" Widget from Sidebar

By default, WordPress places certain widgets in your sidebar. You can easily remove them from: Appearance → Widgets.

4. Change Permalinks

When you install WordPress, your permalinks defaults to ‘Day and name’. You can have shorter permalinks that do not include the date. This is also good for SEO. Selecting a new structure updates the permalinks across your entire website, not just on posts you publish in the future.

You can change your permalinks from Settings → Permalinks.

5. Edit Social Media Links

Many themes come with icons for social media accounts (like facebook, twitter), often in the footer or header. There is a setting in your theme where you can include the actual URL of your social media links or completely remove them.

6. Check Contact Form

Check your contact form to make sure it actually works. Make sure the emails reach your inbox successfully.

7. Add Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Both Google Analytics and Google Search Console are easy to set up. You need a Google account to set up.

8. Activate Akismet Plugin

Akismet is a Wordpress plugin that detects and removes spam comments before they appear on your website.