Complete PHP Guide

PHP is a server-side programming language used for creating dynamic web sites and interactive web applications. The acronym PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page, but as its functionality grew, this was changed to PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

Part 1: PHP Tutorial

  1. Introduction to PHP
  2. PHP Files
  3. PHP Variables
  4. PHP Global Variables
  5. PHP Constants
  6. PHP Language Constants
  7. PHP Data Types
  8. PHP Operators
  9. PHP Strings
  10. PHP Arrays
  11. PHP Dates and Time
  12. PHP Error Messages
  13. PHP Comments
  14. PHP Conditional Statements
  15. PHP Loops
  16. PHP Functions
  17. PHP File Handling
  18. PHP Directory Handling
  19. PHP Cookies and Sessions
  20. PHP Sessions
  21. PHP Namespacing
  22. PHP Document Object Model (DOM) Parser

Part 2: Object Oriented Programming with PHP

  1. Object Oriented Programming
  2. Defining a Class
  3. Class Constructors and Magic Methods
  4. Inheritance in PHP
  5. Static Methods & Properties in PHP Class
  6. Abstract Class in PHP
  7. PHP Exception Handling
  8. Copy Objects of Class
  9. Compare Objects of Class
  10. Getting Information about Objects and Classes
  11. Autoloading Classes

Part 3: PHP Scripts and Database

  1. Connect Database with PHP
  2. Execute MySQL Query in PHP
  3. PHP and MySQL Database Using Object-Oriented Approach

Part 4: PHP and Web Forms

  1. How to Get Form Information in PHP
  2. Validate Form Data with PHP
  3. PHP Upload File Using Forms

Part 5: PHP Functions Reference

  1. explode() Function
  2. array_shift() Function
  3. array_pop() Function
  4. filter_var() Function
  5. substr() Function
  6. strlen() Function
  7. strstr() and stristr() Function
  8. curl() Function
  9. htmlspecialchars() Function
  10. trim() Function

Part 6: Miscellaneous

  1. Variable Testing in PHP
  2. Random Functions in PHP
  3. String Functions in PHP
  4. How To Resize Image in PHP
  5. How To Calculate Difference Between Two Dates in PHP
  6. How To Redirect To Different URL in PHP
  7. Display 2D Array as HTML Table in PHP
  8. How To Get URL of Current Page in PHP
  9. How to Read Emails Using PHP
  10. MVC Structure in PHP
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