Main Joomla Controller File

The main entry point, helloworld.php, passes control to the controller, which handles performing the task that was specified in the request. At present, the component specific controller doesn't do anything more than the parent class already does, which is why the controller class is empty.

class HelloWorldController extends JControllerLegacy

JControllerLegacy is a base class for a Joomla Controller. In order to use controllers, you must extend this class in your component. Controllers are where you put all the actual code that provides basic functionality, such as rendering views.

Methods in BaseController

__construct(array $config = array())

addModelPath(mixed $path, string $prefix = '') : void

addViewPath(mixed $path) : \JControllerLegacy

checkToken(string $method = 'post', boolean $redirect = true) : boolean

display(boolean $cachable = false, array $urlparams = array()) : \JControllerLegacy

execute(string $task) : mixed

getInstance(string $prefix, array $config = array()) : \JControllerLegacy

getModel(string $name = '', string $prefix = '', array $config = array()) : \JModelLegacy|boolean

getName() : string

getTask() : string

getTasks() : array

getView(string $name = '', string $type = '', string $prefix = '', array $config = array()) : \JViewLegacy

redirect() : boolean

registerDefaultTask(string $method) : \JControllerLegacy

registerTask(string $task, string $method) : \JControllerLegacy

setMessage(string $text, string $type = 'message') : string

setRedirect(string $url, string $msg = null, string $type = null) : \JControllerLegacy

unregisterTask(string $task) : \JControllerLegacy

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