JoomlArt Joomla T4 Page Builder

With T4 Page Builder, you can create stunning Joomla sites visually, fast, and easily based on beautiful website bundles, content blocks, add-ons, and 100% visual design-builder. You can build websites that load faster, well optimized for speed and SEO.

It is easier than ever to create a beautiful, professional, and fully responsive website with a completely new website builder platform for Joomla. T4 Joomla page builder is developed to work with any framework and template.

Website Bundles

  1. Stack: Business Joomla website bundle for finance & consulting.

  2. Co-Working: Business Joomla website bundle for co-working space.

  3. Restaurant: Creative Joomla template for any restaurant website.

  4. Morgan: Joomla page builder website bundle for Business

  5. Bar & Pub: Joomla layout pack for Bar & Pubs websites.

  6. Wedding: A stylish Joomla layout pack for wedding websites.

  7. App Intro: A Joomla layout pack for Application introduction websites.

  8. Architect: Architecture and interior design website bundle.

  9. Freelancer: A Joomla page builder layout pack for Freelancers.

  10. Agency: A Joomla page builder website bundle for creative agencies.

Content Blocks

  1. Call To Action
  2. Clients
  3. Contact Info
  4. Features Intro
  5. Footer
  6. Gallery
  7. Hero
  8. Pricing
  9. Slideshow
  10. Statistics
  11. Team
  12. Testimonials

Content Elements

T4 Joomla page builder has multiple types of elements used to add different items on the website.

  1. Basic (24): Basic element contains all the most common and useful content elements. like Slider, Map, Alert, Heading, Image and others.

  2. Grid (5): Grid Section contains a containers with multiple or single columns view. This option allows you to add different grid to add multiple content elements in each block. You can add blank section, 1 column, 2 column or 3 column container.

  3. Extra (5): Extra section has advance featured elements like Accordion, Carousel, Tabs and others.

  4. Joomla (3): Joomla content elements contains Module, Module position and Message elements.

1. Text

It is used to insert any text. There is inline editor to format or add links to the text.

2. Link

It is used to insert links (a tags). You can configure the title, URL, and target in Settings. There is inline editor to format the text of the link.

3. Heading

It is used to insert heading tags (h1 to h6).

4. Lead

It is used to insert lead paragraph (p tag with class lead) as in Bootstrap style.

5. Icons

It is used to insert icon. It inserts i tag with icon class.

6. Read More

It is used to insert call to action links. There are three types: link, rounded and button

7. Image

It is used to insert image. Alt text can be configured in the settings.

8. Video

It is used to insert video from Youtube, Vimeo or HTML5 Source.

9. Map

It is used to insert map. You can configure the location and zoom level in the settings.

10. Quote

It is used to insert blockquote tag, author and citation.

11. Order List

It is used to insert ordered list (ol tag) with list items (li tag).

12. Table

It is used to insert table (table tag) with thead, tbody, tr and td tags.

13. Alert

It is used to insert bootstrap alert. You can select the type (contextual color) in the settings.

14. Slider

It is used to insert slideshow. Slider contains slider frame, slides and one or more slide.

15. Member

It is used to insert image (img tag), name (h4 tag), position or designation (p tag), description (p tag), and link (rounded type).

16. Progress Bar

It is used to insert progress bar.

17. Card

It is used to display content with image (img tag), title (h3 tag), and description (p tag).

18. Icon List

It is used to display unordered list (ul tag) with icons (i tag) instead of bullets in list items (li tag).

19. Accordion

It is used to insert accordion with one or more Accordion item. 

20. Carousel

It is used to insert slideshow. Carousel contains slides with image (img tag), title (h4 tag), and description (p tag).


1. T4 Page Builder Dashboard

To access T4 Page Builder dashboard, from your website back-end, go to: Components → T4 Page Builder. The dashboard provides you all features to manage pages and categories.

  • Manage pages: create, edit and delete any page
  • Import: to import a website bundle, a single or multiple pages from any website bundle
  • Manage categories: create, edit and delete any category
  • Options: contain global settings for T4 page builder

2. Login

To login from your website back-end, go to: Components → T4 Page Builder and access Page Import panel. Now, you can login using your JoomlArt account. After login, you can see account's plan.

3. Import Pages and Website Bundle

Each website bundle is a layout pack that includes multiple pages for a topic. Select a website bundle then select all or specific pages in the bundle to import. Some of the common pages are:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Services
  • Contact Us
  • Our Team

To publish the page, add menu item for each page. Simply hit the Add menu item button.

3. Create a New Page

In the page dashboard, you can manage all your created page. Click New Page button to create new builder page. You can update the page title, status, access and more in the page edit panel. Click Add Blocks to start building your page.

The topbar includes multiple tools for page: responsive view and settings, undo redo, page HTML and CSS editor or the clear all page content.

4. Content Blocks

You can drag and drop any content blocks to create sections for your page. 

You can insert an element to any place in a section or you can add a new section with an element.

To edit content, double click and use the inline editor to update content. The inline editor tool has basic typo settings for the text: text color, underline, add link.

You can edit style for anything, it can be a single text, an image, a column or a section in the page using the style manager.

5. Font Settings

You can configure font for a whole page, a section for a paragraph. T4 Page builder supports the latest Google fonts. Access the Settings menu > Google fonts setting. Search the fonts you want to use and select styles then update.

Configure font for page: Access the Layer Manager menu and select Body to access to the page layer. Now, access the menu Style Manager to configure typography for the page that includes font setting.

6. Category Manager

The category is to group your pages in case you have many pages that help you structure the pages and filter pages faster. You can create category in tree with parent and child categories.

7. Pages Export and Import

You can transfer pages that are built with T4 Joomla page builder from different websites. You can also use this for back-up purpose. Select one or multiple pages and then export. Save the .zip file.

You can import the pages back to the same website or in different websites using the Import feature. Click on Import then Upload the .zip file, select pages and import.

Style Manager

In Style Manager, you can configure the display of any block or element. Select the block or element from the bottom navigation.

  1. Classes: Here, you can add any custom classes. For example, bootstrap classes or font awesome classes for icons.

  2. Settings: You can add or modify Id, Title, Tag, Container and Animation.

  3. General: You can customize Alignment and Display.

  4. Dimension: You can customize width, height, margin and padding.

  5. Typography: You can customize font, font size, font weight, letter spacing, line height, color, text align, decoration.

  6. Decorations: You can customize opacity, background, border.

  7. Overlays: You can customize image or video background.

Joomla Article Integration

You can edit the Joomla articles with T4 page builder support to add beautiful T4 content elements.

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