Joomla tag Form Field Type

The tag field type provides a field where you can enter tags, either AJAX or nested.

Example XML Definition:

<field name="tags" type="tag" label="JTAG" description="JTAG_DESC" mode="ajax" class="inputbox span12 small" multiple="true" />


Mandatory Parameters

  • type must be tag.
  • name is the unique name of the parameter.
  • label (translatable) is the descriptive title of the field.
  • mode: it is either "ajax" or "nested".

Optional Parameters

  • description (translatable) is the description of the field.
  • id is the id to add to the field. If none is set this will be the name of the field.
  • class is the class to add to the field.
  • published determines if non published tags should be allowed.
  • language is language to filter the existing tags by.
  • multiple is the ability to add more than one tag to the form field.
  • custom: if the ajax mode is chosen, this setting will prevent users from adding in new tags.
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