Joomla HTMLHelper::_ Class Loader Method

The HTMLHelper is utility class for all HTML drawing classes. The _() method of HTMLHelper is a static function that grants quick access to a number of other static methods. The return value of this function depends on the return value of the method resolved by parsing the first parameter.

The HTMLHelper:_() expects its first parameter to be a string of period-separated (dot-separated) values. These values represent a class prefix (optional), a file name, and a method, in that order.


use Joomla\CMS\HTML\HTMLHelper;

For example,

echo HTMLHelper::_('form.token');

The above code will output the return value of token(), found in the folder:


The filename is used to find the file in which the class and method are defined among whatever include paths have been attached to the static HTMLHelper class using HTMLHelper::addIncludePath.

The "/libraries/src/HTML/Helpers" folder is attached to the class by default.


echo HTMLHelper::_('myExtension.button.submit');

The above code will output the return value of a static method, myExtensionButton::submit(), which should be defined in a file called "button.php," provided that this file exists in the default include path.

Additional Parameters

Any additional parameters passed to HTMLHelper::_() are passed as parameters themselves to the resolved method.

Files or Classes in HTMLHelper

You can check these files in the folder: /libraries/src/HTML/Helpers


It is utility class to fire onContentPrepare for non-article based content.

  1. HTMLHelper::_('content.prepare', $text);


It is an extended Utility class for handling date display.

  1. HTMLHelper::_('date.relative', $date);


It is utility class for cloaking email addresses.

  1. HTMLHelper::_('email.cloak', $mail);


  1. HTMLHelper::_('form.token');


  1. HTMLHelper::_('', $link);


It is utility class for creating different select lists.

  1. HTMLHelper::_('list.images', $name);
  2. HTMLHelper::_('list.positions', $name);


It is utility class working with menu select lists.

  1. HTMLHelper::_('menu.menus');
  2. HTMLHelper::_('menu.menuItems');
  3. HTMLHelper::_('menu.menuItemList', $name);


It is utility class for creating HTML select lists.

  1. HTMLHelper::_('select.booleanlist', $name);
  2. HTMLHelper::_('select.genericlist', $data, $name);
  3. HTMLHelper::_('select.integerlist', $start, $end, $inc, $name);
  4. HTMLHelper::_('select.radiolist', $data, $name);
  5. HTMLHelper::_('select.option', $value, $text = '');
  6. HTMLHelper::_('select.options', $arr);


  1. HTMLHelper::_('string.truncate', $text, $length);


It is utility class for tags.

  1. HTMLHelper::_('tag.tags');


It is utility class working with users.

  1. HTMLHelper::_('user.groups');
  2. HTMLHelper::_('user.userlist');