Joomla integer Form Field Type

The integer form field type provides a select box with a range of integer values. If the field has a value saved, this value is displayed when the page is first loaded. If not, the default value (if any) is selected.

Example XML Definition

<field name="myintegervalue"
default="Some integer"
label="Choose an integer"
step="1" />


Mandatory Parameters

  • type must be integer.
  • name is the unique name of the field.
  • label (translatable) is the descriptive title of the field.
  • first: this value is the lowest on the list.
  • last: this value is the highest on the list.
  • step: each option will be the previous option incremented by this integer, starting with the first value until the last value is reached.

Optional Parameters

  • default (translatable) is the default value.
  • description (translatable) is text that will be shown as a tooltip when the user moves the mouse over the drop-down box.
  • class is a CSS class name for the HTML form field. If omitted this will default to 'text_area'.
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