Joomla Extensions Development Series

Learn how to create Joomla extensions - Modules, Plugins, Components and Templates.

1. Basics

  1. Joomla File System
  2. Joomla Extensions Upgrade Process
  3. Tools For Developing Joomla Extensions

2. Coding and Developing

  1. Joomla Coding Standards
  2. How Joomla Code Works
  3. Joomla Manifest Files for Extensions
  4. Add Change Log to Joomla Manifest File
  5. Form Field Types in Joomla
  6. How To Create Module For Joomla 3.x
  7. How to Create Joomla 4.x Module
  8. How To Create Plugin For Joomla 3.x
  9. How To Create Joomla Component

3. Extra Resources for Joomla API

  1. Global Info: Accessing Global Information in Joomla - JFactory::getConfig();

  2. Users: Accessing User Information in Joomla - JFactory::getUser();

  3. Email: Sending Email from Joomla Platform - JFactory::getMailer();

  4. Database: Working with Joomla Database - JFactory::getDbo();

  5. Files: How to Handle Files - JFile::

  6. Dates: How To Use Dates - JFactory::getDate();

  7. URI: How To get URI - JUri::getInstance();

  8. JHtml: JHtml Class Loader Method - JHtml::_();

  9. Input: Retrieving Request Data

  10. Custom Fields: Include Custom Fields - FieldsHelper::getFields();

  11. Menu: How to Get Menu in Joomla

  12. Messages: How to Display Messages and Notices

  13. Modules: How Different Joomla Module Work

  14. Document: Joomla Document Class - JFactory::getDocument();

4. Working With Forms

  1. Form Field Types in Joomla
  2. Working with Joomla Forms - JForm Class
  3. Validate Forms in Joomla
  4. Sanitise and Get Form Data - JFactory::getApplication()->input;
  5. Create Custom Form Field Type

5. Plugins Development

  1. How Joomla Plugin Works
  2. How to Create Joomla 4.x Plugin
  3. How To Create Plugin For Joomla 3.x
  4. Joomla Plugin Events
  5. How To Create Joomla Content Plugin

6. Components Development

  1. How to Create Joomla Component
  2. Step-by-step Guide For Creating Joomla 3.x Component

7. Templates Development

  1. How to Create Joomla Template
  2. How to Create Overrides in Joomla

8. Joomla 4

  1. Prepared Statements in Joomla 4
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