Joomla! 4.0 - Next Major Version

Joomla Versions

Joomla 4.0 is Joomla’s new major version. Joomla 3.10 is released alongside Joomla 4 as the last minor release of Joomla 3. Joomla 3.10 will continue to be supported for 2 years giving plenty of time to webmasters to plan migration to Joomla 4 and update extensions to Joomla 4 compatible versions.

Joomla 4 is a brand new way for people to create and manage their content, developed and sustained by a global community of volunteers. Joomla 4 offers you a platform that is reliable, steady, secure and fully equipped with a wide variety of options to build any website.

What’s new in Joomla 4.0?

  • Install Joomla in the blink of an eye: An easier, faster and more user-friendly install process.

  • Brand new User Interfaces: Both backend and frontend; intuitive and logical, easy to understand and use.

  • Joomla is people first: To ensure that the templates are accessible (Level AA of WCAG 2.1).

  • A fully rebuilt Media Manager: With a clear and logical User Interface and built-in image editing options.

  • A new Workflow: Manage your content in an advanced and customisable way.

  • Web Services: Make your content accessible to other websites and for easy mobile app creation.

  • Cast-iron security features: Features like support for prepared SQL statements, so your website stays safe and secure.

  • HTML Mail Templates: Customisation of the emails, sending emails from your site has never been so easy.

  • Improved and expanded Command Line Interface (CLI): For smooth integration of your components.

  • A cleaner and more powerful codebase: The code has been cleaned up thoroughly, all Joomla 3.x deprecated functions have been removed, and we use PHP.

  • Namespaces, enabling developers to deliver more robust and innovative applications than ever before.

  • The power of the Joomla Framework merged into the CMS.

  • An enhanced event dispatching system.

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