How to View Module Positions of Joomla Template

The first question asked when a template is installed is, "Where are the module positions and what are they called?" You can easily determine the module positions of any installed Joomla template, whether being used or not.

Step 1

Access the Administrator backend using the super user login. Then, open the Template Manager.

Extensions -> Templates

The screen will display the list of templates that are installed.  This is the Styles view of the Template Manager.

Step 2

Click the Options button, which is located to the far right.

Under the Templates tab, set Preview Modules Positions to Enabled. The default setting is Disabled. Now, click Save & Close.

This enables module position viewing using the built-in template Preview feature in Joomla.

Step 3

Click on the Templates link from side menu of Template Manager.

Extensions -> Templates -> Templates

This screen displays the currently installed Templates.

Step 4

Click on Preview for the template you want to check module positions. The result is the front page of the website showing the available module positions for this particular template.