How To Know Joomla System Information

You can get some useful information about your host server environment, including operating system, database and PHP settings, and directory information. This information is very helpful when you are troubleshooting setup problems. You cannot change any settings from here.

Select Site → System Information from the drop-down menu of the Joomla Administrator Panel.

You can navigate to five different tabs:

  1. System Information
  2. PHP Settings
  3. Configuration File
  4. Directory Permissions
  5. PHP Information

System Information

This screen provides information about the operating environment for your Joomla website.

PHP Built on: Provides details of the principle operating system which the webserver that Joomla is running on.

Database Version: Provides the current version of the MySQL database being used by the installation of Joomla.

Database Collation: How the MySQL databased is structured for the information used by Joomla.

PHP Version: Provides the current version of PHP server side script that is being used for this installation of Joomla.

Web Server: Provides the current type and version of web server which the installation of Joomla is running on.

Web Server to PHP interface: The script that permits interaction between the web server (in most cases, Apache) and the PHP scripting language.

Joomla! Version: Provides the current version of Joomla.

User Agent: The summary of the current user's local machine's operating system and browser information which is used to create an unique session ID for access and functionality within the Joomla web site.

PHP Settings

These screen provides the relevant PHP Settings information.

Configuration File

This screen provides the contents of the current Joomla configuration.php file which is stored under the main /joomla_root/ directory. This file is created automatically when you first install Joomla. Most changes can be done from the Global Configuration.

Directory Permissions

This screen provides a list of the directories that the webserver should have write access to. All directories listed on this page should say Writable. If not, you may need to change the permissions to be able to install and use Joomla successfully.

PHP Information

This screen displays the full configuration of the PHP server side scripting language that Joomla runs on, together with all the associated system information that goes towards the creation of the web server.

It is the output of an integrated script built into Joomla. PHP is installed, and runs on the server (server side), and therefore all the settings are made on the server.

Any changes that are required would be made within the php.ini and other configuration files on the web server. This screens output is used to find detailed information about how PHP is implemented on the server.