Custom fields in Joomla is introduced from 3.7 version. These can be added in your content items, contacts or users.

You can enable or disable custom fields from the options of the respective component. To enable creation of custom fields,

Options → Integration → Select Yes in "Enable Custom Fields" option.

Types of Custom Fields

There are 15 types of custom fields that can be added:

  1. Calendar
  2. Check boxes
  3. Color
  4. Editor
  5. Integer
  6. List (Dropdown)
  7. List of Images
  8. Media
  9. Radio
  10. SQL (Dropdown)
  11. Text
  12. Text Area
  13. URL
  14. User 
  15. User Groups List

You can disable any of the type in Plugins (Select Type: fields)


You have many options to customize the display of these custom fields on your website. 

  • Show fields to specific users based on their access levels.
  • Show or hide the label of the field when it is displayed.
  • Where to display the field - after title, before content, after content or not to display at all.
  • You can add class attributes when the field is displayed.

There are some options for specific field type. You can set default options from the respective plugins.