How to Create Joomla Menu

Menus allow you to navigate through the site. A menu is an object which contains one or more menu items. Each menu item points to a page on the site.

To display menu on the page, you need to create a menu module. One menu can have more than one module.

The process for adding a menu is simple.

  1. Create a new menu from Menus → Menu Manager → Add New Menu
  2. Create one or more new menu items in this menu.
  3. Create menu modules to display the menu on the site.

When you create a new menu, use only English alphanumeric characters without space in the Unique Name field.

If you delete an existing menu, all the menu items of the respective menu will be also deleted.

Add a New Menu Item

To add a new menu item, select Menus → [name of the menu] → Add New Menu Item from the drop-down menu on the back-end of your Joomla installation.

Default Menu Item

The default menu item defines the page that is displayed when you visit home page of the site: Your site will not function if default menu item is deleted.

Menu Item Types

Menu items are the core structure of any Joomla website. Each Menu Item is a link to a webpage. It determines the type of page that will display when this menu is clicked by the user.

The default Joomla has about 30 different Menu Item types. You get more menu item types after you install third-party extensions.