How to Create Article in Joomla

The majority of the content on a Joomla! website consists of articles. Articles are assigned to categories, regardless of its hierarchy or level. Subcategories (child categories) can be created and associated with any Category above (a parent category). There is no limit to the number of categories or subcategories that can be created.

Articles can be assigned to only one category. You can use Tags Component for multiple classification of articles.

So, the first step is to plan and organise your content into categories.

Step 1: Category Manager

Create a category using the Category Manager. In the Admin Control Panel, open the Category Manager.

Content -> Categories

Step 2: Create New Category

Click the green New button at the toolbar. This opens the manager to create a single category.

In the Title text box, enter the name of the category. In the Description text area, enter the description. This is optional.

Click on the green Save button, which results in the screen displaying the success message.

Click the Save & Close button at the top to exit this category and return to the Category Manager screen.

Step 3: Article Manager

Go back to the Admin Control Panel and select Add New Article. Or navigate to:

Content -> Articles

Now, the actual article creation process begins.

Step 4: Create New Article

Click the green New button at the toolbar. This opens the manager to create a single article.

In the Title box, enter the title of the article. This field is required when creating an article. Open the Category drop-down. Select the category for the article.

Save the article by clicking the green Save button. The message "Article Successfully Saved" will appear. This action saves the article with a title and a category assignment, and the screen remains open for further editing. Save & Close will close the current window and revert back to the list view.

Click on the article title in the Article List to open and edit it.

Step 5: Menu Link

You have to connect the article to a menu link item. The link will open the article and display it in the front page content area of the website.

Open the Menu Manager and click on the Main Menu.

Menus -> Main Menu

Click the New button. To create a menu link item:

  1. Select the menu item type to be used.
  2. Select the article or category to which the item will connect.
  3. Name the menu link item.

For the menu item item, you can select the Single Article, Category Blog or Category List.

Save Buttons in Joomla

Joomla! has a number of similar administrative features and functions in the backend that relate to buttons or tabs within the different content managers.

Save button: Saves the current screen content and the screen remains open for further editing.

Save & Close button: Saves the current screen content and returns to the list view of the respective manager.

Save & New button: Saves the current screen content and opens a new or blank edit screen to create another similar type of content.

Save & Copy button: Saves the screen content and copies the current item to the list view. The copy then automatically remains open for any changes to be applied, such as a title change, and so on.

Close button: Closes the item and returns to the list view.

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