10 Steps to Joomla Installation

If you have set up a web hosting account, installing Joomla includes four tasks.

The installation process involves several steps that include:

  1. Download the Joomla files from https://downloads.joomla.org
  2. Place the files on the web server
  3. Create a database that connects to Joomla
  4. Create a user who has privileges for the database
  5. Install Joomla using installation wizard

Step 1

Check with your web hosting provider to make sure that your hosting is technically eligible for Joomla version you are planning to install. Always try to install latest version of Joomla for more secure and feature-rich website.

Step 2

Download the latest version of Joomla Full Package (and not upgrade package).

Step 3

Use cPanel file manager or FTP client to upload downloaded zip file to your web hosting directory you wish to install Joomla.

Step 4

You can perform this step in parallel with the above step 3. While your Joomla package is uploading, you can work with your database. This has three sub-steps:

  1. Create a database (Use MySQL Database Wizard or phpMyAdmin)
  2. Create MySQL user (Tip: Use same name as database) and note the password.
  3. Add the user to the database with all the previliges.

Step 5

Extract the zip file that you have uploaded in the step 3.

Step 6

Open your website directory where you have extracted Joomla files in any browser (Google chrome recommended). You will see the beginning of your Joomla installation.

Step 7

The installation of Joomla! takes place using screens. Each screen is accessed by completing the information requested on the previous one and then by executing a Next or Install action.

Screen 1: Main Configuration - Add the site name and the super user administrator information.

Step 8

Screen 2: Database Configuration - Connects the installation to a specific database and identifies the assigned user. Use the details from the step 4 above to fill username, password and database name. Then, click Next. This password is not required anymore.

Step 9

Final: Nothing much to be done here. You can choose to install sample data, but it is not required and I don't recommend it. Just click Install. You will see following message:

Congratulations! Joomla! is now installed

Step 10

Click on Remove installation folder. This is important for security purpose. Also, delete the zip file you uploaded in the step 3.

Simple! You have just finished installing Joomla. Now you can login to your administrator panel using log in details created in step 3.

Bonus Steps

  • For Your SEO: Rename the file htaccess.txt to .htaccess
  • If you have installed as addon domain, redirect from direct subdomain access to your website.
  • Redirect non-www pages to www to avoid content duplication
  • Install Google Analytics and connect to Google Search Console Account