Joomla Extensions

This Joomla module can displays articles from one or more categories in multiple columns. You can display image, date, limited intro text, read more link according to your choice. The module uses Bootstrap 4 classes. It support two layouts - blog and cards.

Joomla module for displaying navigation based on Bootstrap 4.3 version. It generated menu links as unordered list. You can use it for three types - Navbar, Nav and List Group. Additional classes can be applied to ul, li and a tags.

Joomla plugin to add structured data to content items using custom fields. You can use this plugin to add Article, NewsArticle, BlogPosting, Course, Event, and Recipe schema markup using JSON-LD. You can also use combination of these for different Joomla categories.

A simple and clean Joomla module to display Facebook Like & Share buttons and Facebook Comments. The module automatically detects the current URL. Facebook like plugin options can be configured in the options.

Using this Joomla module, you can add any advertisement code from Google Adsense or any other affiliate or ad network.

A simple, easy-to-use and clean Joomla module to integrate website with Instamojo payment gateway. The module has two modes - simple and advance. You can use it for a simple single payment or as a subscription where Joomla account will be created after payment and user will be subscribed to any group.

This module displays a nice and simple contact form on the website. The details (name, email, subject and message) of the form submission are emailed to the recipient. You can specify the recipient name and email in the options.

This module displays following logged in user information on the website.

Joomla component for simple support system, contact, forum or help desk. You can send replies from back-end, which can be emailed to the users.

A simple and clean Joomla plugin to display Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Social Buttons. The plugin automatically detects the current URL. You can select which buttons to show. Facebook like button can be configured in the options.

With this Joomla module, you can automatically update modified date, published date or created date of Joomla articles, based on set frequency.

A simple Joomla component which can display a table of events in chronological order. You can display titles with any link and dates. You can select which events to choose - all, past or future. An event can be anything which may or may not be associated with a date.