Html View

Joomla HtmlView

It is a base class for a Joomla View. It is a class holding methods for displaying presentation data.

Joomla getName() Method of Html View

It is a method to get the view name. The model name by default parsed using the classname, or it can be set by passing a $config['name'] in the class constructor.

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Joomla get() Method of Html View

It is a method to get data from a registered model or a property of the view.

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Joomla escape() Method

The function escapes a value for output in a view script. The ENT_COMPAT flag will be replaced by ENT_QUOTES in Joomla 4.0 to also escape single quotes.

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Joomla setModel() Method of Html View

It is a method to add a model to the view. Joomla supports a multiple-model single view system by which models are referenced by classname. A caveat to the classname referencing is that any classname prepended by \JModel will be referenced by the name without \JModel. For example, \JModelCategory is just Category.

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Joomla getModel() Method of Html View

This method is used to get the model object.

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Joomla setDocumentTitle() Method

The function sets the document title according to global configuration options.

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Joomla display() Method of Html View

The function executes and displays a template script.

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Joomla loadTemplate() Method

The function loads a template file. It first looks in the templates folder for an override.

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