Joomla Front-end Views

At the basic level, there are three type of views:

  1. Single item
  2. List of items
  3. Form to create or edit item

If items are organised into categories, then two more views are possible:

  1. Single category (List of items in a category)
  2. List of categories

Any view can be customized based on the configuration. These parameters can be stored either in component configuration (cparams) or as active menu parameters (params) or both. In case of both, component parameters are merged with menu parameters so that menu parameters take preference.

  • Get data to display (item, items, form)
  • Active menu parameters (params)
  • Component parameters (cparams)
  • preparedocument
    • Page heading
    • title

Single item

  • Model to get item
    • Get id of item
    • Create query (join tables if required)
    • Convert JSON strings to objects
    • Merge component and item parameters

Single category

  • Get item (category info)
  • Get items (items in category)
  • Sub layout for items

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