TF Mail Documentation


1. Tags available in automation

A. Insert content automatically from any Joomla Category (JC). For example, category ID 3:

{JC 3}

2. Queue Process

  1. Get config for queue limit
  2. Get queue
  3. Get mail and user details
  4. Send email through send model
  5. Delete from queue
  6. Add to Statistics

3. Send

  1. Set from (component configuration or global configuration)
  2. Add reply to email
  3. Add return path
  4. Add recipient
  5. Prepare subject and body before sending (pre_send function)
    1. Check for empty text version
    2. Add footer to mail body
    3. Replace tags in mail subject
    4. Replace user and content tags in mail body
    5. Add utm parameters to links
    6. Add code to track email opens
    7. Replace strange characters
    8. Add html tag
  6. Set subject, body, alt body
  7. Add mail attachments
  8. Set html, encoding, charset

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