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Errro in Update

Hi I updated our forum with
but now when I want to read the topic I get an error
1054 - Unknown column 'skey' in 'field list'
and now I notice because I have asked the question in your forum
there is the same problem hopefully you noticed too.

Kind regards Leendert

Tech Fry
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Please update the component. It is now solved.

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Hello, Ha thank you then we will pick it up and use it again m.v.g Leen

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Hi, I notice that I cannot attach a photo the program turns it into another file name with a number? so later program says when you click attachment not found on server

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I see that it works here I am going to find out why attachment on my website does not work

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no i not work by my The requested URL /images/tfforum/kopje1_336.jpg was not found on this server

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