TF Random

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November 13, 2023


Just installed your TF Random module but can't get it to display anything.

I have the following

Mode = Random

Number = blank, as I don't want a day of the week

ArtID = blank as I want to display a random article each refresh

Database Table = content

Columns Name = fulltext

Conditions = where catid = 9  (This is the cat id where the articles are for random display)

Display = html = div, class = blank, column = fulltext

Pre Text = blank

Post Text = blank

This displays nothing. However if I enter a ArtID number of an article in the category it displays that, but never any other article on refresh, just the same article based on that ID.

What am I doing wrong? I simply want to display a random article from a specified category each time the browser is refreshed.

Tech Fry
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November 13, 2023


Thank you for informing about the issue.

We have just released a new version. Please update the module. This issue is now solved.

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