Need an example please

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TF Import
August 17, 2023


I'm coming back to you so that I can carry out the following action: I would like to send an email with a text and an image attached. I want this message to become an article in a test section.

For example, I've run a few tests but I can only retrieve the subject and I can't manage to retrieve the text and image. Can you tell me what I need to enter in Grabber and process to :1) transform the content of the email into the content of the article 2) retrieve the image as an attachment and place it in the main image of the article.

If you have an example I would be very interested. I've searched the forum but haven't found any examples.

Thank you in advance

PS: the big concerning the date has been corrected, I no longer get the error message.

Tech Fry
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August 19, 2023


Apologies for the delay.

Getting text is similar to the subject. In the Preview Mode, under the Content Tab, you can check the keys where data is stored.


Alternatively, you can email the login details to We will setup it.

Thank you!

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