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Lesson load Joomla Article's Page with the same ID of Learn Page in the trash basket

TF Learn
February 14, 2023

Hello, There is another problem. In the lessons page there are 2 kind of problem: - first: if content page is set, in frontend I can see the content of the page also if this page is in trash basket (and more... I can't delete definively the page in trash)

second: I can see in the lesson page the Joomla article's page with the same ID of the Learn Page!

I hope you can understand!

Please, check and correct the problems! :-)

Thank you


Tech Fry
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February 19, 2023

I am not sure if I completely understood the problem.

First, if Joomla trashed articles are showing, you can remove the ID from the Lesson under the Content Tab. The component doesn't check the article state for easier debugging while adding Joomla articles to lessons.

Second, in the new version, TF Lesson pages are directly assigned to the lesson. There is no need to add IDs of pages in the lesson. Now, the IDs only reflect Joomla articles. So, after updating the component, changes may be required in pages and lessons.

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