TF Upload Documentation

TF File Upload custom field enables you to upload a PDF or a ZIP file directly in the article's editing page and display the download link in the frontend. You can also use it to upload a profile photo or images and it at the frontend.

The TF File Upload field can be used with any component that supports the Joomla! Custom Fields such as the Articles (com_content), User (com_user), Contact (com_contact) component.


Upload Folder: Enter the folder path relative to the root of Joomla website where the uploaded files will be stored. You can also use dynamic tags here.

Limit Files: Enter the total number of files the user is allowed to upload.

File Size Limit (KB): Configure the maximum allowable size for each uploaded file in kilobytes.

Allowed File Types: Comma separated list of allowed file types.

Front-end Display

Display Layout: Select the layout that will be used to display each uploaded file in the frontend. The available options are: File Name, Link or Button or Image.

Link Text: The text that will be used in the link.

Link Class: Enter the CSS Class to style the link or button.

Force Download: Enable to download the file instead of navigating to the link.

Image Class: Enter the CSS Class to style the image display.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set a different upload folder for each user?

You can use the {USER id} Dynamic Tag in the Upload Folder to use the ID of the Joomla user's account.

For example: images/tfupload/{USER id}/profile