TF Tools Documentation

TF Tools Joomla Component provides set of tools to manage and update content, images for Joomla. It also helps in tracking links and improving search engine rankings.

1. Links

This is used to manage Google indexing of Articles. Download the CSV Index Coverage report from Google Search Console and then import it.

2. Articles

This is used to manage Joomla Articles. There are four modes (can be changed in configuration) or layouts:

  1. Search Console
  2. Content
  3. Image
  4. Custom Fields

3. Categories

This is used to manage Joomla Categories.

4. Tags (Coming Soon)

This is used to manage Joomla tags.

5. Updates

You can automatically update Joomla articles through CRON.

  1. Dates (Publish, Modify, Created)
  2. Custom Fields (Coming Soon)

6. Export (Coming Soon)

You can export Joomla Articles and Users.

7. Import (Coming Soon)

You can import Joomla Articles and Users.

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