TF Shop Automatic Tasks

The component can execute automatic processes such as sending reminder messages and handling of renewal orders. This is a one-time setup and once done, you won't have to think about it any more and all automatic actions will work.

For these actions to be executed, the tasks are required to be triggered regularly, and each time it checks if some tasks have to be executed and then do what needs to be done.

There are two ways to setup:

  1. Joomla Task Scheduler Plugin
  2. Direct Cron Job

Option 1: Task Scheduler Plugin

After installing, first enable the plugin from Joomla Plugin manager.

Then, navigate to System -> Scheduled Tasks. Click "New" from the toolbar.

Select a task type for TF Shop. Following three tasks are available:

  1. Pending Orders Mail
  2. Renewal Orders Mail
  3. Renewal Orders

Option 2: Direct Cron Job

/index.php?option=com_tfshop&task=auto.cron&token=<Your Secret Token>

You can set the secret token in the component options.