TF Random Documentation

With TF Random module Joomla!, you can display random content by day, week or month from any database table. For example: Quote of the day, Article of the Week.

Mode: Select the mode of randomness.

  1. Random: This will display random content on each view or instant.
  2. Random by Day: This will display random content for each day. During the day, the content will remain same.
  3. Random Week: This will display random content for each week.
  4. Random by Month: This will display random content for each month.

Number: This is the current day, week or month number. This field is calculated automatically.

Article ID: This is the ID of the record to display.

Database Table: This is the database table. For example, content for articles, users for users, tags for tags.

Columns Name: Enter comma separated names of columns to display.

Conditions: Here, you can add multiple conditions to filter data from the database table. These conditions are joined by AND.

  1. Where Field: Enter the database column name. For example: state
  2. Operator: Enter the operator sign. For example: =
  3. Where Value: Enter the value. For example: 1

Above condition will show only published articles. Similarly, you can add condition to display from specific category or any other condition.

Display: This is how you display the columns that you have entered in the columns name.

  1. HTML Tag: For example, h1, h2, p, div
  2. Class (Optional): CSS class to apply for the HTML tag.
  3. Column: Name of the database column. For example: title

Pre Text: Text or HTML that is displayed above the module.

Post Text: Text or HTML that is displayed below the module.