TF Learn Documentation

This documentation guides you on how to use TF Learn component for Joomla. This extension is used for online learning and courses with Joomla websites.

1. Overview

The main part of the component is courses section. Each course contains one or more modules. Each module contains one or more lessons. In this way, courses contain lessons organised in modules.

The lesson can contain content (in the form of Joomla Articles) or it can be any link. You can also add a test or quiz to the lesson.

2. Courses

User Group

Each course is attached to Joomla User Group. A user who is part of this Joomla Group can access the course.

Short Description

This description is visible on 'all courses view'. It is also used as description for structured data.

Course Enrolment

  1. None: Enrolment for the course is disabled.
  2. Self: Users can click on enrolment button. There can be three cases: (i) Logged-in Joomla users will be added to the course user group. (ii) Guest users will be redirected to enrolment form where a new Joomla user will be created. Users will receive an email to create their password. (iii) For guest users, if email already exists, an email will be sent to reset password or login.
  3. External: You can provide any link. Users will be redirected to the link when they click on the enrolment button. For example, you can redirect them to the payment gateway or enquire form.


You can add one or more modules to the course. As modules can be used in multiple courses, you can change the title of module to be displayed for this particular course.


Add an image to the course.

3. Modules

Modules are way of organising lessons in the course. They are in between courses and lessons.


The description is visible in 'course view'.

4. Lessons

Each lesson must belong to one module. The lessons can contain one or more Joomla articles or any resource to external link.


The description is visible in 'course view'.


This defines how Joomla articles associated with the lesson are displayed.

  • Single Page: All Joomla articles are displayed in single page.
  • Multiple Pages: Each Joomla article is displayed in different pages with navigation.


If you add any link to the lesson, the lesson will act as a resource to external link.

Completion Type

This defines how lessons are marked completed.

  • Disabled: Completion is disabled for the lesson.
  • Self: Students can mark the lesson as complete themselves.
  • View: The lesson is marked complete when Joomla articles associated with the lesson are viewed.
  • Score: The lesson is marked complete when a student takes a test or quiz associated with the lesson.


You can add one or more Joomla article IDs for this lesson. For each Joomla article, you have the option to show the title or not.


You can add a test or quiz to the lesson by adding one or more questions.

  • Question Source: Select 'Sequence' to display questions in sequence or select 'Random' to display questions in random order.
  • Questions: Enter the number of questions for the test.

5. Questions


Each question must belong to one lesson.


Select the type of question: Multiple Choice, Numerical, True or False, Simple Text. At present, only Multiple Choice type is working. Others are in development.


If the question depends on other question. This feature is in development.


Add the choices for the Multiple Choice Questions. Mark the option which is correct. At present, only single option correct is working.


Enter the marks for the question.


You can add short explanation or any link to the question. It is visible after the student has taken the test.

6. Completions

Here, you can see the lessons completed and the score (if enabled) by the students. You can also change the completion status.

7. Scores

Here, you can see all the attempts of the tests or quizzes.

  • Score / Grade: Total marks, student has secured in the test.
  • Attempts: All the questions along with correct option marked by the student and correct answer to the question.

8. Configuration


Create a menu item to display all the courses.


These settings apply for single course view.


These settings apply for learning paths. Learning paths are all the courses user is enrolled in. Create a menu item to display learning paths. More options are available while editing the menu item. Guest users cannot access this.


These settings apply for single learning path view. It displays all the modules and lessons in the course, along with completion status. Guest users cannot access this.


These settings apply for single page view. A page is Joomla article in the lesson.


These settings apply for enrolment form view. Create a menu item for course enrollment. More options are available while editing the menu item. Also, create a menu item to reset password.


These settings apply for test or quiz view. You can create menu item for individual tests as well.


These settings are for email notifications to users and administrators.

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