TF Content Quick Guide

TF Content is Joomla! component to create advanced content databases, mini-applications and advance frontend forms. Data for each application is stored in a different database table called "Contents". Records or items are called "Rows".

You can extend the functionality of your application by creating additional columns in database table which are used as custom fields called "Columns".

1. Content

After installing the component, the first step is to create a database table for your application. From the dashboard, navigate to Contents and click New.

Title: Give the title of your application.

Name: This is the name of the database table. The name should be short, in small letters and without any spaces. Click Save. After saving, other options for configuring your application will be visible.

2. Rows

To create data for your application, navigate to the application you have created in the first step from the dashboard. Click New to create a new record. The Content is automatically selected based on the application.

Title: Enter the title for the item.

Description: This is where you enter the description text for the item using default Joomla editor.

Image: Select the image for the item.

3. Display Records at Frontend

To display the records at the frontend, create a new menu item for TF Content -> View Records.

Content: Select the Content or your application from the list.

Check your website at the frontend. You should see the records you have created.