TF Any Documentation

TF Any is Joomla custom fields plugin to display records or items from any Joomla database table.

Plugin Options

Database Table: Enter the database table name without prefix. For example: content, users

Select Columns: Enter comma separated names of columns to display.

Order By: Enter the column name and direction for ordering of results. For example: title ASC, id DESC

Limit: Number of records to display. 

Offset: Enter the starting point to return the results.

After creating the field, you can add one or more conditions in the custom field while adding or editing the article.

Display Options

Table Headings: Toggle switch to show or hide the table headings.

Table Class: Styling class to be applied on the table.

Link Options

Enable Links: You can make any column as link. Enable or disable it to make any column a link.

Linked Column: Name of the column to link.

Linked Column Access: The user group who can access the link.

Linked Column Text: Enter the text. For example: Visit, Download Now

Linked Column Class: Styling class to be applied on the linked column.