Text Field Guide

The text field represents single-line input.

Field Settings

Maximum Length: The allowable maximum length of the field.

Character Counter: Does this field support a character counter?

Input Mode: The mode of input associated with the field. This indicates the type of data that might be entered by the user. This allows a browser to display an appropriate virtual keyboard.

Addon Before: Input addon before text box.

Addon After: Input addon after txt box.

Input Mode Types

text (default value): Standard input keyboard.

decimal: Fractional numeric input keyboard containing the digits and decimal separator.

numeric: Numeric input keyboard, but only requires the digits 0-9.

tel: A telephone keypad input, including the digits 0-9, the asterisk (*), and the pound (#) key.

search: A virtual keyboard optimized for search input.

email: A virtual keyboard optimized for entering email addresses.

url: A keypad optimized for entering URLs.