With Slider Element, you can add content blocks in columns that users can slide horizontally. It is similar to slideshow or carousel. You can use slider to include and custom content or other element like Team, Testimonial, Image.

Content Options

Here, you can one or more slider blocks or columns.

Description: Add any content or Html for slider block.

Element ID: To use other element in slider, enter the element ID of that element.

Style Options

Controls: Enable it to add previous and next controls.

Pagination: Select the type of pagination.

Effect: Select the slider animation effect.

Loop: Toggle switch to enable or disable looping elements in slider.

Auto Play: Select delay duration for auto play. You can also disable auto play.

Slides per View: Number of elements to show per view.

Space Between Slides (px): If more than one element is displayed per view, set the gap between the elements.