Site Navigation and Menu

You can control the display site navigation using Joomla! Menu module. There are two types of navigations - main menu and other menu (sidebar, footer).

Main Menu

Main menu is part of header and navigation bar. It will inherit the background and text or link color. You can set this from the template options under the tab Header.

Module Position: menu

Template Options

Enable the navbar to Show.

  1. Navbar Brand Class: This is the style for the site name (if set to show) on the navigation bar
  2. Sticky: Enable or disable to make the navigation bar sticky (fixed on scroll) on top.
  3. Site Name / Logo: Enable or disable to show the site name or logo or both.

Joomla! Menu Module

From the advanced tab, select Layout. For main menu navigation, select any layout starting with navbar.

The Menu heading is controlled by Header Tag and Header Class.

Navbar: The links will appear brighter on hover.

Navbar 2: The links will appear brighter and will have a nice underline effect on hover.

Navbar 3: On hover, the background of the links will change to the secondary color along with white text.

Inline: The menu is displayed horizontally.

List: The menu is displayed vertically.

List Group: The menu is displayed as a list group.