Questions and Tests

TF Learn

You can add a test or a quiz to a lesson by adding questions. You can add one or more questions to a lesson. The number of questions asked in a lesson can be set in lesson settings. If there are more questions than required, the extension will select random questions.


Title: It is the name of the question for your reference. It is not displayed anywhere on the front-end.

Lesson: Select the lesson for the question. Each question must belong to one lesson.

Type: Select the type of question:

  1. Multiple Choice - Single: Single option is correct from two or more choices. The choices are displayed as radio buttons.
  2. Multiple Choice - Multi: One or more options is correct from two or more choices. The choices are displayed as checkboxes.
  3. Numerical: The answer of the question is number.
  4. Short Answer: The answer of the question is one or two words.
  5. Text: It is not actually a question. You can display some text in the test. 

Depend: If the question depends on other question. This feature is in development.

Description: Here, enter the main text of the question. It is recommended to use CodeMirror editor (Global Configuration) for simple questions.

Options: Add the choices for the Multiple Choice Questions. You can add as many choices as you want. Mark the option (or options in case of multiple correct choices) that is correct.

Answer: For numerical and short-answer type questions, enter the correct answer here.

Explanation: You can add short explanation or any link or text to the question. It is visible on the 'Scores or Attempts Page' after the student has taken the test.

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