Products: Edit

This page is used to add a new or edit an existing Product. A product is basic unit that you can sell either for free or against a payment. Products are organised in categories. So, first you need to create at least one category before adding a new product.

To create a new product, click on "New". To edit an existing Product, click on the title From the list of Products.

Form Fields

Title: This is the title or name of the product. It is visible at the frontend.

Alias: The Alias will be used as part of the URL. Normally, you can leave this blank and Joomla will fill in a default value Title in lower case and with dashes instead of spaces.

1. Product Tab

Description: You can add information about the product here. It is visible on the single product page.

Category: Select the category of the product.

Type: Select the type of the product. There are four types of product:

  1. Simple: Virtual product where no download file is associated. For example, event tickets, donation or services.
  2. Subscription: Membership to any Joomla User Group.
  3. Downloadable: Digital product where you can sell one or more files.
  4. Physical: Products which are shipped and can be ordered in multiple quantities. Physical products also involve the inventory system.

Front: If enabled, the product will be visible to visitors and users for purchasing from the frontend. If disabled, you can add the product from the backend.

Short Description: It is displayed on products list view and single product view. It is also used as description for the structured data.

2. Info Tab

Here, you can add other details about the product like availability brand, weight, SKU, GTIN, and so on. The weight (if added) can be used for delivery price calculation.

Gallery: Enter the folder path for displaying image gallery for the product. Example: images/products/pizza

Related Products: Add the product Ids as comma separated list. These products will show in the related products section.

Features: Add one or more product features. Features are displayed as icon list. You can define the icon in the component options.

Availability, Brand, Weight, SKU, MPN, GTIN and SBIN are used for structured data. To display in frontend, you can use custom fields.

3. Compare Tab

If you offer different versions of your product, you can add a comparison table with multiple rows.

Title: The title of the of the feature to compare.

Value 1: Add the feature value for the first. 

Value 2: Add the feature value for the second.

The first row should contain the name of the versions of your product as table heading.

4. Custom Tab

Here you can set custom fields as defined in the category options.

5. Media Tab

Image: Here, you can add the main image of the product.

Video: Here, you can add the Id of the YouTube video of the product.

6. Pricing Tab

Price: Enter the price (marked price) of the product.

Sale Price: To offer any discount, enter the sale (selling) price as well. It should be less than the marked price.

Renew Price: If the product is set to renewal or recurring type, this price will be used for renewal payments.

Smart Pricing: Here, you can add discounts at the product level.

7. Others Tab

This defines actions taken by the system after successful payment (when the status of the order is "Paid").

Subscription: This is the Joomla user group to which users will be added to when they buy this product. Generally, this is used for Subscription type products. However, you can enable this option for any product.

Renewal: Enable this option to make the product recurring. You can set the duration in months. For one year, set the duration to 12 months.

Email: Enable this option to send email to the user when the order for this particular product is processed. You should enable it only if this particular product requires specific email. Otherwise, you can set general email from the component options. 

Smart Pricing

You can add rules for dynamic pricing based quantity, user group, dates and points.

Type: It defines how the price of the product is calculated. There are five options:

  1. Quantity: Enter the minimum quantity in value.
  2. Group: Enter the Joomla user group ID in value.
  3. Start Date
  4. End Date
  5. Points

Value: The value where type equals to.

Discount: Amount to be deducted from the price or sale price.


For downloadable products, add one or more files. Users can download them from Orders page if the status of the order is "Paid".

Title: This is the name of file displayed on the Orders page.

File Name: Enter the file path and name of the file with the extension.

Path for Downloadable Products: In the category options, you can set the base path for downloadable products for that category.

For example: /home/username/public_html/images

Then, if the downloadable file is in some folder in images, set the file name as: myfolder/myfile.pdf


This is used only for physical products.

You can enable stock and add the quantity available.