TF Shop

You can configure various settings for your shopping system: General, Payment, Taxes and Delivery.

Delivery: You can set the fixed price and variable price per weight for the delivery.

Payment: Select payment gateway from available plugins. At present, we provide Paypal and Instamojo payment gateways. You can also create your own payment gateway plugin.

Handling of Free Products

Free products are automatically marked as paid. For example, if you have a free downloadable product, the user can download it instantly.

Only registered or logged-in users can purchase free products directly. When the guest user clicks on the "Buy" action button, it gets redirected to the login page.

Workflow for Paid Products

To make easier for users to purchase products, only one payment plugin can be used and the order is saved and processed after the payment is made.

1. The component passes the product id and final amount (after discount) to the onPaymentDisplayForm() method of the payment plugin.

2. The onPaymentDisplayForm() method displays the submit button link that redirects to the payment gateway.

3. The payment gateway processes the payment and sends the POST data to the component.

4. This data is passed to the onPaymentProcess() method of the payment plugin. This method returns the $payment array which is used by the system to create and process the order.

5. Then, the system adds the order.

6. If the status of the order is "Paid", it is processed.

7. Finally, administrator is notified about the new order.

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