Payments are important part for any e-commerce platform. You can configure various payment methods for your e-commerce system. The component automatically handles buying process of free products.

You will need a separate plugin or extension for payment gateway. Gateway specific options are included in the payment plugin.

1. Component Options

Payment Tab

Redirect URL: Enter the Url where users will be redirected after making the purchase. For example, this can be orders page or thank you page or specific instructions page what to do next.

Payment Method: Select the payment method:

  1. None - Payments are disabled. Select this option for catalogue or mode offering only free products.
  2. Plugin - Payments are handled by TF Shop plugin.
  3. Payage - Payments are handled by Payage payment gateways.

Payment Plugin: All the installed and enabled payment plugins will be available here. Select the payment plugin.

2. Supported Payment Gateways

There are a number of payment gateways supported. All are free to use.

  1. Authorize.Net (Payage)
  2. Barclaycard (Payage)
  3. BitPay (Payage)
  4. Mollie (Payage)
  5. Instamojo (Plugin)
  6. Offline (Payage)
  7. Opayo or SagePay (Payage)
  8. PayPal (Plugin, Payage)
  9. Stripe (Payage)
  10. WorldPay (Payage)

You can also create your own payment gateway plugin for TF Shop.

3. Handling of Free Products

Free products are those products that have final price as zero. For example, if you have 100% discount, then the product will be considered as free.

Free products are automatically marked as Paid. For example, if you have a free downloadable product, the user can download it instantly.

Only registered or logged-in users can purchase free products directly. When the guest user clicks on the "Buy" action button, the user is redirected to the Joomla! login page.

4. Workflow for Paid Products

To make easier for users to purchase products, only one payment plugin can be used at a time. So, users don't have to select the option. Generally, users get multiple payment options after redirecting to the payment gateway.

1. Ordering Products

There are two ways visitors can purchase products:

  1. Directly - Only one product can be purchased as single quantity. This is useful for digital products like subscription or event tickets.
  2. Cart System - Visitors can add one or more products to the cart and purchase multiple products directly. Here, visitors can change the quantity of products as well.  

2. Making Payments

After clicking the "Buy Now" button, the visitor is redirected to the payment gateway.

The order is saved after the payment is made. If the payment is successful, the order is processed.

The system also sends notification emails to the administrator and user about the new order.